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02There17:0019:30A lesson with Stef Burns - Master Class


22There21:00 (9 p.m.)23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Paolo Damiani

23There21:00 (9 p.m.)23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Ramberto Ciammarughi

24There21:00 (9 p.m.)23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Gabriele Mirabassi

29There21:00 (9 p.m.)23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Alessandro Quiz

30There21:00 (9 p.m.)23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Cristina Zavalloni

31There21:00 (9 p.m.)23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Rosario Giuliani

Adding Rhythmic Variety (part 1)

Inside Improvvisation
In the past videos we have seen how to connect chords in a fluid way with improvisation. However, we have left out the rhythmic aspect, assuming that we will have played all the eighths present in a 4/4 measure. In this video we will see a simple exercise to ...
Basic editing

Basic editing

Introduction to Reaper
Basic editing, Reaper has many editing techniques to use with multimedia files. basic editing basically consists of selecting an element, or a portion of an element and then doing something to it such as divide it, delete it, copy it, move it ...
Improvising on Rhythm Changes (section B)

Tonal or modal? Part 1

So much than Fundamentals
Is it right to think about the ways if we find ourselves improvising on a standard with a harmonic tonal structure, be it Autumn Leaves or All the things you are? In this first video of the series "tonal or modal?" we will start talking about ...

Press Review

A Focus On…

Antonella De Grossi

Antonella De Grossi

She has been singing since the age of four. She was the leading voice of formations such as Lapsus e Biglie sciolte; several times solo voice in the Trombe Rosse orchestra conducted by Massimo Nunzi.
As a chorister, she participated in television broadcasts under the guidance of Masters P. Vessicchio, P. Caruso, P. Pirazzoli and has collaborated with various artists.
In 2000, she co-leadered, alongside Marco Siniscalco, "Partenope", a musical research project of music pieces of the Neapolitan tradition.
In 2008, she was the creator with S. Quarta, M. Lazzaro and Fr. Ranieri of "Cantemimì", a tribute to the artist Mia Martini. For years she has been one of the most influential teachers of vocal technique.
In June 2013, her first book "Il mio canto libero (My free song)" was published for the Saint Louis DOC educational series.

Guest Artists


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since 1976 the music school in Rome


A little bit of History

Music school in Rome since 1976, Saint Louis is one of the most renowned musical educational institutes of excellence with one of the largest educational offerings in Europe.


Saint Louis Docs

Didactic series, manuals and methods written in collaboration with Saint Louis teachers, the result of years of research, practice, teaching of the music school in Rome and always in constant update.


Saint Louis Management

An agency that represents some of the greatest Italian jazz players and carries out support actions for the insertion of students into the world of work, selecting and promoting the best groups of young talents every year


Resident Bands

Music School in Rome, Saint Louis, produces and supports every year various orchestral ensembles, from choirs to big bands, of every musical genre, promoting them in national festivals and in the European Conservatory circuit.


Recording Series

Three labels - Urban49, Jazz Collection, Camilla Records - and ArtUro, a recording series, all of them for the production of the best original artistic projects.


Festivals & Events

Saint Louis College of Music in Rome offers over 300 concerts a year, in prestigious locations and in the main Italian and European auditoriums, as part of national and international festivals, such as Jammin ', Italian Jazz on The Road, Special Guest and many others.

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