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02Feb11:00 am1:00 pmDrum & Bass Masterclassin MilanSAINT LOUIS - MILANO, Viale Bodio, 37 - Milan

02Feb2:00 pm04:00 pmThe other rock guitar Masterclassin MilanSAINT LOUIS - MILANO, Viale Bodio, 37 - Milan

04Feb7:00 pm11:59 pmAll Night Combo directed by Antonio Solimene @ Monk ClubMONK, Via Giuseppe Mirri, 35 - Rome

05Feb03:00 pm17:00Universal Audio - MIDIWARE WorkshopRome - via Baccina, via Baccina, 47

08Feb12:002:00 pmStudio guitar Masterclassin MilanSAINT LOUIS - MILANO, Viale Bodio, 37 - Milan

08Feb2:00 pm17:00Jazz Trio Masterclassin MilanSAINT LOUIS - MILANO, Viale Bodio, 37 - Milan

09Feb10:0006:00 pmSound hanging by a threadReference Cable WorkshopRome - via Baccina, via Baccina, 47

14Feb9:0012:00New Yamaha DM3 consolePresentation workshop Rome - via Baccina, via Baccina, 47

14Feb9:00 pm11:59 pmcontestantsThe challenge beginsL’Asino che Vola, Via Antonio Coppi, 12

20Feb9:00 pm11:59 pmSaint Louis Liveal Glitch

22Feb20:3010:30 pmThis is not the same old showSpecial Guest Davide ShortyAlcazar Live, Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 14b

24Feb(Feb 24)10:0025(Feb 25)06:00 pmWintercelloWorkshop intensivoRome - via Baccina, via Baccina, 47

24Feb11:00 am1:00 pmMatteo Balani Bass WorkshopAT Saint Louis MilanSAINT LOUIS - MILANO, Viale Bodio, 37 - Milan

27Feb9:00 pm11:59 pmThe fairytale sessions liveTo the Flying DonkeyL’Asino che Vola, Via Antonio Coppi, 12

28Feb11:00 am13:30The Philips Pavilion at the Brussels World's Fair of 1958Erasmus+ WorkshopRome - via Baccina, via Baccina, 47

29Feb04:00 pm7:00 pmComposing with Voltage-Control TechniquesErasmus+ Workshop

29Feb07:30 pm09:30 pm“Quadrivium” Masterclass Alberto GiraldiRome | Via Urbana, Via Urbana 49/A


06Mar03:00 pm17:00The art of trio Masterclassin MilanSAINT LOUIS - MILANO, Viale Bodio, 37 - Milan

12Mar9:00 pm11:59 pmcontestantsSecond challengeL’Asino che Vola, Via Antonio Coppi, 12

22Mar7:00 pm9:00 pmFacts and Misdeeds of the Italian music industrywith Alceste AyroldiRome - via Baccina, via Baccina, 47

To tell the story of Italian Jazz

Live Streaming Jazz and Pop Diploma Concerts

That first time at the Vanguard

There are jazz clubs in which the past seems to have remained attached to the walls, giving rise to a sort of ineffable magic of memory, which time cannot scratch. This arises from the numerous human and musical stories that over the years overlap in a single space, in which every corner, object and smell remains full of strong emotions, suggestions and unrepeatable inventions. The Village Vanguard in New York is undoubtedly the place par excellence in which this cathartic process linked to the very essence of music has materialized over time in live performances that have become legendary and culturally essential. The words of the owner of the New York jazz club, Max Gordon, are explanatory in this sense, as he stated - "After having run a place for many years as I did with the Vanguard, one discovers that the place little by little acquires a own life. You started it, you put your ideas, hopes,…

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Music school in Rome since 1976 authorized by the MUR
for Jazz, Pop, Rock and electronic music Playing is not a game


A little bit of History

Jazz Pop Rock School in Rome since 1976, Saint Louis is one of the most renowned musical educational establishments of excellence with one of the largest educational offerings in Europe. Didactic menu.


Saint Louis Docs

Didactic series, textbooks and methods written in collaboration with Saint Louis teachers, the result of years of research, practice, and teaching at the music school in Rome and constantly being updated.


Saint Louis Management

Agency which represents some of Italy's greatest jazz musicians and acts as a support for students to enter the job market, selecting and promoting the best groups of young talent each year


Resident Bands

School of Music in Rome, Saint Louis produces and supports diverse orchestral ensembles, from choirs to large orchestras, of all musical genres each year, promoting them in the national festivals and in the European Conservatories circuit (Erasmus +).


Record labels

Three labels - Urban49, Jazz Collection, Camilla Records - and a record series ArtUro for the production of the best original art projects.


Festivals & Events

School of music in Rome, Saint Louis features more than 300 concerts a year, in prestigious venues and major auditoriums in Italy and Europe (erasmus+), as part of national and international festivals, such as Jammin’, Italian Jazz on The Road, Special Guest and many others.