Student accommodation, finding a room

Find a room or house in a big city like Rome might turn out to be a not-too-easy quest....
Since Saint Louis does not have internal accommodation reserved for its students, it has developed two partnerships with Agencies dedicated to finding off-site student accommodation. These are reliable and effective services, both of which work through dedicated websites.

student accommodation

STURENT student accommodation it is a service provided by Immuni srl agency, which researches and selects in the private real estate market suitable housing solutions for all Saint Louis students who need to rent a house or room. The proposed accommodations, carefully selected, are available for rent with transparent conditions and a regular lease.
to see all available rooms click the following LINK

You can choose accommodations by visiting the dedicated StuRent website. All ads contain images and videos of the rooms, economic conditions, information about the other inhabitants of the house, area connections and transport, etc. Students can also benefit from the tutoring services made available to StuRent in the choice of houses, in the definition of the rental contract and as a support during the entire rental period.

Sturent's services are free for Saint Louis students and are offered both in Italian and in English. Choose the house you like, visit it and sign the contract!

We recommend starting to look for accommodation before moving to Rome, booking a meeting with the StuRent agency to visit your chosen house already on the first day in the city.


Uniplaces is the largest online platform that helps students around the world to finding accommodation in Europewith over 7 million nights already booked in over 30 European cities. Uniplaces provides St. Louis students with a Promo Code to get a 25% discount on their Agency fee. The code can be obtained by requesting it in the student secretariat, once the registration to the courses has been completed.

The process, entirely online, allows students to rent a safe bed, room or entire apartment: thanks to quality photos and detailed descriptions, Uniplaces guarantees the presence of all the information necessary to allow the students to choose and decide consciously without having to move weeks in advance.
Uniplaces creates the ideal rental experience for everyone: in fact, it is preparing to become the number one platform for medium and long term stays worldwide.

Starting from the a.y. 2022/23 Uniplaces launch the new project Uniresidencies, making available private or shared rooms in verified and certified residences with common spaces and sharing options. Also for Uniresidencies Saint Louis provides to its students a Promotional Code to get a 25% discount on their Agency Fee. The code can be obtained by requesting it from the International Office once course registration has been completed.

Recommended areas to look for accommodation

When looking for a home, it is important to first evaluate the subway and bus connections that lead to Saint Louis.

Saint Louis is very well connected through the subway system and is very central. The nearest metro station is on the subway B line and is called "Cavour". It is also quite easy to reach us by trains and buses that arrive at the central station "Termini", just one metro stop from "Cavour".

Many students enrolled in the various universities of Rome choose "Piazza Bologna" as their neighborhood, as it is cute, young and close to the B metro station "Bologna", just 4 stops from the "Cavour" metro. But all the areas of Rome connected by metro B can be a good choice.

There are also many accommodation options connected with metro line A such as: Numidio Quadrato, Lucio Sestio, Giulio Agricola, Re di Roma. These are all very popular areas among students, since you can find housing opportunities with low rental costs. The same goes for the more fashionable neighborhoods such as San Lorenzo and Pigneto, but beware of the connections with these two areas!

We recommend to be flexible in your requests and expectations, and also to evaluate the possibility of a shared room for the first times, being more available and cheap than the individual ones.