Anxur in Jazz
Anxur Jazz

Anxur in Jazz Edition 2021
Artistic direction: Rosario Giuliani
Organization and press office: Saint Louis Management

Monte di Giove Anxur, one of the most evocative Italian archaeological locations, is colored by Jazz.
The Festival, strongly desired by the Municipality of Terracina, avails itself for the first time of the artistic direction of Rosario Giuliani, who in such a delicate moment wanted to honor his land by promoting the return to live music, inviting exclusively Italian jazz artists to the stage. .

Anxur in Jazz edition 2021 from August 19 to 21, 3 days of prestigious music, featuring big names of Italian and international jazz such as Danilo Rea, Fabrizio Bosso, Enrico Pieranunzi, Paolo Damiani, Luca Bulgarelli, Fabio Zeppetella, Fabrizio Sferra, and, of course, Giuliani himself.

A meeting of rare beauty between land, sea and music.

Anxur in Jazz Edition 2021


Rosario Giuliani - sax
Fabrizio Bosso - trumpet
Alberto Gurrisi – hammond
Marco Valeri - drums

Two sublime Italian musicians, Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet and Rosario Giuliani on saxophone, lead the quartet complemented by Alberto Gurrisi on organ and Marco Valeri on drums, performing a highly interesting repertoire of both standards and original compositions with strong rhythmic connotations.

An emotional journey that stems from the human and musical encounter, which has now lasted for more than two decades, of two great Italian jazz performers, masterfully supported by Gurrisi and Valeri, who are also considered to be outstanding in the national jazz scene.

Giuliani Bosso in terracina
Boxwood Giuliani
ENRICO pieranunzi


Enrico Pieranunzi - piano
Luca Bulgarelli - double bass

A pianist, composer, and arranger, he has recorded more than 70 CDs under his own name ranging from solo piano to trio, duo to quintet, and collaborating, in concert or in the recording studio, with Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Paul Motian, Charlie Haden, Chris Potter, Marc Johnson, and Joey Baron.

Multiple winner as the best Italian musician in the "Top Jazz," annually held by the magazine "Musica Jazz" (1989, 2003, 2008) and as the best European musician (Django d'Or, 1997) Pieranunzi has taken his music to stages all over the world performing at the most important international festivals, from Montreal to Copenhagen, from Berlin and Madrid to Tokyo, from Rio de Janeiro to Beijing.Starting in 1982 he has traveled to the United States numerous times giving concerts in various cities including New York, Boston, San Francisco.

He is the only Italian musician ever and one of the very few Europeans to have played and recorded several times at New York's historic "Village Vanguard" with Marc Johnson and Paul Motian (Camjazz, 2010). Precisely for "Live at The Village Vanguard" with Marc Johnson and Paul Motian (Camjazz, 2010) he was awarded in 2014 the Echo Jazz Award - the German equivalent of the U.S. Grammy - as Best International Piano Player.The prestigious American magazine "Down Beat" included his CD "Live in Paris," in trio with Hein Van de Geyn and André Ceccarelli (Challenge), among the best CDs of the 2000/2010 decade. Top Jazz 2020 as the best musician of the year.


Danilo Rea - piano
Paolo Damiani - double bass

Damiani and Rea have been playing together for over 30 years in different formations . Damiani's CD "Al tempo che farà" (2007) winner of 3 referendums as best record of the year features Rea on piano.

In this new project the encounter between the two takes place on the level of melody and an artistic collaboration that over time has turned into a deep friendship. The repertoire includes original compositions of the two artists and well-known songs of different origins punctually betrayed.

Tradition and betrayal chase each other , betrayal being in this case the highest possible proof of love for a heritage that others preserve with philologically perfect interpretations or slaughter with operations of dubious taste.

Here, on the contrary, the trends refer to paths that refer to an idea of multiplicity as Italo Calvino describes it in his Lezioni Americane: what counts in a story is not its closure in a harmonious figure but the centrifugal force that is released from the story, the plurality of languages as a guarantee of a non-partial truth.

Other project:The Great Opera in Jazz


Fabio Zeppetella - guitar
Roberto Tarenzi - piano
Jacopo Ferrazza - double bass
Fabrizio Sferra - drums

Handmade is a thrill that takes us straight into the soul of the author with 9 tracks (except for the great John Coltrane's 8) all composed "by hand" by Zeppetella whose new project finds him leading a quartet of world-class jazz musicians-Roberto Tarenzi on piano, Jacopo Ferrazza on bass and Fabrizio Sferra on drums.

The originality of the sound that emanates from Fabio Zeppetella's fingers in this latest project seems created by the artist and chiseled in his own image. Endowed with impeccable technique and great musical sensitivity, he uses a unique and personal language, the result of a study always devoted to the search for a style that over the years he has made his own.

He has arrived at the elaboration of an entirely original sound by moving from the tradition and music of such masters as Charlie Cristian and Wes Montgomery to the evocation of be-bop and hard-bop of the 1960s. In his phrasing one discovers the dominant aspects of a language that is never predictable, sometimes virtuosic sometimes sweet but always essential.

Its dominant characteristics consist of the sweetness and strength inherent in the original way of interpreting music, in which the desire to seek a virtual connection with poetry appears evident.

Damiani Rea
Zeppetella quartet