A Long Way – Enrico Pieranunzi

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Piano solo album entitled "A Long Way" by the pianist and composer Enrico Pieranunzi, recorded on March 16, 1978 at the Curci Studio in Milan.

Second piano disc solo (preceduto da “The Day After The Silence” del 1976) of the pianist and composer Enrico Pieranunzi, "A Long Way" is recorded for the "Jazz From Italy" series licensed by the Carosello Records label (sub-brand of Edizioni Musicali Curci) by producer Mario Rapallo (among the jazz products, especially from the Milanese scene, we remember, among others, Franco D'Andrea, Claudio Fasoli, Eraldo Volonte, Tullio De Piscopo).

Il lavoro discografico viene realizzato in un’epoca in cui gli ambienti jazzistici di Roma e Milano si presentavano diversi e distanti tra loro, tanto da non permettere ai musicisti delle due città di conoscersi e suonare insieme, se non in rari casi. Per un jazzista della scena romana, dunque, registrare nel capoluogo lombardo rappresentava un eccezione alla regola quanto un riconoscimento “nazionale” al lavoro artistico fin lì realizzato. Tale opportunità viene concessa da Mario Rapallo a Pieranunzi grazie all’intercessione del noto critico Franco Fayenz, who in the liner notes of the album draws attention to the pianist's relationship with classical music - "His familiarity with the two languages ​​(classical and jazz) is as impeccable as it is singular. Even in Friedrich Gulda, when he plays jazz he feels the concert player in the pearly notes, trills and arpeggios. Pieranunzi, on the other hand, has a totally assimilated jazz feeling, indeed, perhaps inherent to his personality, whether he improvises on other people's themes, or interprets his own compositions ".

Curiosity: The recording session for the disc is abruptly interrupted by the tragic news of the kidnapping of the president of the Christian Democrats, Aldo Moro, and of the killing of two carabinieri and three escort policemen by an armed nucleus of the Red Brigades. The date shown on the album's liner notes is erroneously stated as "February 10 - 1978".

by double bass player Bruno Tommaso

A Long Way - Enrico Pieranunzi

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