A Sip of Your Touch – Riccardo Del Fra

Discography (labels) from the 80s

Album titled "A Sip Of Your Touch” del contrabbassista Riccardo DelFra. Il disco viene registrato tra ottobre e novembre del 1989 presso il Gimmick Studio (Yerres – Francia) e pubblicato dall’etichetta IDA.

Riccardo Del Fra: contrabbasso/Enrico Pieranunzi e Michel Graillier: pianoforte/Art Farmer: flicorno/Dave Liebman: sax soprano/Rachel Gould: voce

The entire material recorded on analogue support was digitized and restored by the sound engineers of the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome under the supervision of Paolo Marra, curator of the Jazz Archive in Rome.

by double bass player Bruno Tommaso

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