From always to Now – Enrico Pieranunzi

Discography (labels) from the 70s

Album entitled "From Always to Now" by pianist and composer Enrico Pieranunzi. The album was recorded at the Emmequattro Studios in Rome on 9, 19, 20 and 28 June 1978 and released byetichetta Edin-Pan.

Enrico Pieranunzi: piano/Maurizio Giammarco: tenor and soprano sax/Bruno Tommaso: double bass/Roberto Gatto: drums/Giovanni Fornari: sound engineer

by double bass player Bruno Tommaso

The album "From Always to Now" represents in Enrico Pieranunzi's long career the pinnacle of the stylistic approach borrowed from the school of the great hard-bop masters. We are in the second half of the seventies, a period characterized by the rise and affirmation of a nouvelle vague of young musicians who came to the fore on the Roman jazz scene. After the realization of the first trio album (Jazz in Comparison 24) and the next two in solo piano (The Day After The Silence and A Long Way), for the fourth album Enrico Pieranunzi makes use of the quartet formation (the songs on the disc are recorded with the trio formed by Bruno Tommaso and Roberto Gatto – in his recording debut – and in quartet with Maurizio Giammarco)

The recording work consists of seven pieces: "Night Bird", a blues in minor with an unusual harmonic structure and a captivating melodic theme that frames explosive improvisations, characterized by the "cluster" technique of notes borrowed by Pieranunzi from McCoy Tyner's piano approach. “With Alma”, by Dizzy Gillespie, “A Silent Essence” and “Song for Edda” (performed without the contribution of Giammarco's saxophone). The latter, the only ballad on the album, is characterized by the introspective tone dictated by the classic lexicon lent to Pieranunzi's be-bop. Continuing, "Things as they come back to you" (signed by Maurizio Giammarco), "Poseidia" and, finally, "Oleo" by Sonny Rollins, performed in duo by Pieranunzi and Gatto while awaiting the arrival of Bruno Tommaso in the studio, who was stuck in the traffic of the city.

Use: in the CD reissue of the recording work - published in 2019 by the Alfa Music label - there is a version of the song "Night Bird" recorded by Enrico Pieranunzi in duo with saxophonist Rosario Giuliani in April 2002 (The liner notes are flanked by photos taken by the internationally renowned photographer Roberto Masotti (1947-2022) and from the scores of the songs “Night Bird”, “Poseidia” and “Le cose come ti tornano”)

(Text edited by Paolo Marra)

From always to Now

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