Jazzisti stranieri in Europa – Parte 2
La scena del jazz romano oltre ad allevare e far crescere al suo interno musicisti in grado di conquistare a piccoli passi la notorietà internazionale ha saputo accogliere e assimilare il bagaglio esperienziale di…
Jazz a Confronto - Storia di un'invenzione discografica
Jazz in Comparison - History of a recording invention
Among the crowds crowded into the humid quarries of Largo Dei Fiorentini, the Music Inn, in the mid-seventies the Sicilian producer, from Porto Empedocle, Aldo Sinesio was often present. Passionate about jazz, Sinesio listens…


Steve Lacy and Enrico Rava, the photo
In the photo (from left) Lilian Terry, Steve Lacy and Enrico Rava at the American Academy in Rome in 1966. Lilian Terry was an Italian jazz singer and presenter of RAI television and radio programs. After…
Folkstudio - Maurizio Giammarco
Folkstudio – Giammarco/Vittorini/Schiano
In the photo (from left) Maurizio Giammarco, Tommaso Vittorini and Mario Schiano at the Folkstudio in Rome. The Folkstudio was born in 1960 in a cellar in Via Garibaldi (in the Roman district of Trastevere) and then moved to…
Fireworks - Jazz Big Band Alberto Corvini
Fireworks – Jazz Big Band Alberto Corvini
Album entitled "Fireworks" by the Big Band conducted by Alberto Corvini. The disc was recorded in October 1986 at the Forum Studio in Rome and published by the Fonit Cetra label. The formation of the Jazz Big…
Concerto all'Università - Petrucciani
Concert at the University – Petrucciani
Article by Marco Molendini on Michel Petrucciani's solo piano concert in the Aula Magna of the Sapienza University of Rome as part of the "Music and cinema" event. Contribution shared by Marco Molendini External links: Michele Petrucciani…
Accuracy of the Night
Precision of the Night – Maurizio Giammarco Quartet
Album entitled "Precisione della Notte" by Maurizio Giammarco's quartet recorded during the month of May 1982 at the Trafalgar Recording Studios in Rome and published by the Riviera Records label. Maurizio Giammarco: tenor sax/Danilo…
Panorama - Jazz Today
Panorama – Jazz Today
"Jazz Oggi" supplement, edited by the journalist and music critic Arrigo Polillo, of the weekly magazine "Panorama" (edition of 22 August 1978). On the first page, Arrigo Polillo outlines the aims of the editorial initiative dedicated to jazz.…

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