Armando Trovajoli - RAI Orchestra

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In the photo Armando Trovajoli at the historic club of Forte dei Marmi (Lucca) "La Capannina".

In 1949 the young pianist Armando Trovajoli was called, thanks to the intercession of Arrigo Polillo, to participate in the Jazz Festival, organized by the music critic and impresario Charles Delaunay, at the Salle Pleyel in Paris. The French review included among the guests important names of the European and American jazz scene, including Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Sidney Bechet. For the occasion Armando Trovajoli performs in front of the French public accompanied by Gorni Kramer on double bass and Gil Cuppini to the battery.

Subsequently, in 1958, Trovajoli was called by RAI to train and direct the Orchestra Stabile di Musica Leggera (task later passed to the composer and pianist Piero Piccioni). In the following years Armando Trovajoli will devote himself more and more to the writing and creation of soundtracks, in which elements borrowed from his experience in the jazz field will often find a place.

Contribution extracted from the book "L’Italia del Jazz" by Adriano Mazzoletti.

Armando Trovajoli

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