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In the photo saxophonist Gianni Basso and trumpeter Oscar Valdambrini, two of the greatest exponents in the history of Italian jazz.

In the mid-fifties Oscar Valdambrini and Gianni Basso, together with other musicians of the Milanese jazz scene, played in the orchestra conducted by Giampiero Boneschi. From the orchestral staff the Italian sextet and later the Bass-Valdambrini Quintet. The formation will be for forty years, until the death of Valdambrini, one of the most important and long-lived of Italian jazz with numerous recordings and concerts to its credit in Italy and abroad.

In 1956 the Quintet took part in the first edition of the Sanremo Jazz Festival, organized by Arrigo Chicken. In that period, the line-up changed several times, alternating pianists Renato Sellani and Gianfranco Intra, double bassists Giorgio Azzolini and Berto Pisano, drummers Gianni Cazzola and Gil Cuppini. In 1959 the first album of the Quintet was released by the Music Italia label and in the United States by the Verve label. In 1960, with the entry of the trombonist Dino Piana, the formation became a sextet, to which the trumpeter Franco Piana would later be added. In the same year the Basso-Valdambrini Quintet participates in the fifth edition of the Sanremo Jazz Festival with a staff of eight elements that sees Franco Cerri on the double bass.

Contribution extracted from the book "L’Italia del Jazz" by Adriano Mazzoletti.

Basso Valdambrini

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