Bernardo Bertolucci/Gato Barbieri

Italian cinema and 1970s jazz

Article appeared in the magazine Musica Jazz (October 1972) entitled "A “Column” for Gato“, concerning the collaboration of Gato Barbieri with the director Bernardo Bertolucci for the music of the film “Last Tango in Paris”.

The soundtrack of the film "Last Tango in Paris" was recorded at the beginning of September 1972 at l’Orthophonic Studio of Piazza Euclide in Rome. The director Bernardo Bertolucci calls the Argentine saxophonist Gato Barbieri to compose the music for the film. For the recording, the South American musician makes use of the contribution of Charlie Haden and J. F. Jenny-Clark on double bass, Joachim Kühn on piano, Daniel Humair on drums, Mandrake on percussion and other Italian session workers. The string arrangements are written by Gato Barbieri together with Oliver Nelson in fifteen days in Rome

Contribution shared by Maurizio Giammarco

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