Charles Mingus & Giancarlo Maurino

Stock Photo 70s

Photo of the double bass player and composer Charles Mingus together with the saxophonist Giancarlo Maurino in 1976 during the recording of the soundtrack of the film ““Every way”, by director Elio Petri, at the Dirmaphon Studio in Piero Umiliani in Via Pola in Rome

Contacted by the director Elio Petri and the producer Daniele Senatore, Charles Mingus arrives in Italy to record the soundtrack of the film "all mode” (taken from the book of the same name by the writer Leonardo Sciascia). The material he recorded, however, does not find favor with Elio Petri - despite the insistence of Daniele Senatore, an admirer of the American double bass player - who decides not to use it in the film in favor of the music composed by the Maestro Ennio Morricone. Two years later, Charles Mingus released the discarded material as the album's B-side."Cumbia & Jazz Fusion” with the title “Music For Todo modo

Curiosity: The trombonist participated in the recording sessions of the soundtrack of the film "Todo modo". Dino Piana e il giovane sassofonista Giancarlo Maurino, il quale non venne inserito nei crediti dell’album “Cumbia & Jazz Fusion”

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Charles Mingus and Giancarlo Maurino

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