Concerto Teatro Tenda - Pieranunzi / Griffin

Stock Photo 70s

In the photo the pianist Enrico Pieranunzi with the saxophonist Johnny Griffin at Curtain Theater in Rome in 1978.

Curiosity: The concert was organized at the Teatro Tenda in Piazza Mancini in Rome as part of the review "The Monday of the Music Inn ", organized by Pepito Pignatelli on the “rest” day of the show "My eyes please" by the actor Gigi Proietti. Initially Enrico Pieranunzi was supposed to perform with the saxophonist Dexter Gordon, who, due to personal problems probably related to his addiction to alcohol, did not show up. At the last moment Pepito Pignatelli decided to replace him with Johnny Griffin, with whom the pianist had previously collaborated. To accompany them the rhythm section formed by the double bass player Bruno Tommaso and the drummer Roberto Gatto.

by double bass player Bruno Tommaso

Concerto Teatro Tenda - Pieranunzi / Griffin

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