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The saxophonist Enzo Scoppa falls into that category of "amateurs" gifted with talent and passion for jazz, being the owner of a goldsmith's shop in Rome. In 1958 he joined the Modern Jazz Gang by Sandro Brugnolini. In the same period, Scoppa formed the quintet in their name together with trumpeter Cicci Santucci. The Scoppa-Santucci duo has long been a point of reference in Rome's jazz scene. Enzo Scoppa during his career played with Franco D'Andrea, Bruno Biriaco, Nunzio Rotondo, Gegè Munari, Romano Mussolini, Alberto Collatina, Marcello Rosa, Eddy Palermo, Kenny Clarke.

Image source: Paolo Soriani (“The Italy of Jazz” by Adriano Mazzoletti)

Mirage – Santucci/Scoppa

Album entitled “Mirage” by the duo formed by the trumpeter Cicci Santucci and the saxophonist Enzo Scoppa (indicated with the pseudonym “Scoen” in the liner notes). The album was recorded in 1971 and released by the Fly Records label. Note: The album “Mirage” belongs to the genre of recording works used in the Seventies for the “soundtracking” of...

Folkstudio – Jazz Season '73

Article (by Nico Valerio) appearing in the weekly Il Mondo (30 August 1973) regarding the jazz season at the Folkstudio in Rome The journalist analyzes the 1973 jazz season organized at the Folkstudio, "a large basement with a bar" located behind Piazza S Cosimato in the Trastevere district of Rome. Apart from two foreign musicians, the...

Modern Jazz Gang

In the photo (by Riccardo Schwamenthal) the “Modern Jazz Gang” formed by Alberto Collatina, Carlo Metallo, Sandro Brugnolini, Sergio Biseo, Cicci Santucci, Enzo Scoppa and Roberto Podio. Active in the Sixties, the "Modern Jazz Gang", of the saxophonist, composer and arranger Sandro Brugnolini, included among its ranks elements of the RAI Light Orchestra such as the trumpeter...

Modern Jazz Gang – Miles Before and After

Album entitled “Miles Before and After” by Modern Jazz Gang. The album was recorded in 1960. The "Modern Jazz Gang" formation constituted a point of reference for Jazz in Rome in the 1960s. The line-up included: Sandro Brugnolini (alto sax), Carlo Metallo (baritone sax), Sergio Biseo (double bass), Roberto Podio (drums), Leo Cancellieri (piano),...

Modern Jazz Gang - The Archangels

Soundtrack by the Modern Jazz Gang of the film “Gli Arcangeli” (1962) by director Enzo Battaglia, published by RCA Italiana. The lineup included: Sandro Brugnolini, Maurizio Majorana, Roberto Podio, Amedeo Tommasi, Carlo Metallo, Enzo Scoppa, Cicci Santucci and Puccio Sboto. External links: Sandro Brugnolini – A Woman In The Sea Leopoldville · ModernJazzGang

Comparing Jazz 20 - Kenny Clarke

Album recorded by the American drummer Kenny Clarke for the "Jazz a Confronto" series of the Horo label of the producer Aldo Sinesio. The disc was recorded on March 10, 1975 at the Titania Studios in Rome. Kenny Clarke: drums/Enrico Pieranunzi: piano/Roberto Della Grotta: double bass/Cicci Santucci: trumpet/Enzo Scoppa: tenor saxophone/Massimo Di Cicco: sound engineer Arrived in Italy...

On the Underground Road – Santucci/Scoppa

Album dal titolo On the Underground Road del trombettista Cicci Santucci e il sassofonista Enzo Scoppa. Il disco viene registrato a Roma nel giugno del 1971 e pubblicato dall’etichetta Dire di Tito Fontana. Nel disco, prodotto dal compositore e direttore d’orchestra Piero Umiliani, sono presenti Franco D’Andrea (pianoforte, piano elettrico), Bruno Tommaso (contrabbasso), Bruno Biriaco,...

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