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Discography (labels) from the 80s

Logo of the “Philology” label founded by Paul Piangiarelli in 1987 in Macerata.

The name and the image of the logo are a declared tribute by the producer Paolo Piangiarelli to the alto saxophonist Phil Woods.

In the vast catalog of "Philology" there are record productions of great names in international and Italian jazz and the publication of unreleased tapes, developed according to an accurate philological research of the recordings of jazz masters such as Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown and Lester Young. The logic that presides over the label's record publications is based on proposing recordings that are as authentic as possible to the live performance of the musicians present in the vast catalog implemented through limited intervention in the post-production phase.

Furthermore, Paolo Piangiarelli joins foreign jazz musicians in the recordings to a large group of Italian musicians, often newcomers: Lee Konitz with the Space Jazz Trio of Enrico Pieranunzi, Enzo Pietropaoli and Fabrizio Sferra or Franco D'Andrea, Renato Sellani, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Stefano Battaglia and others. Other recordings in line with this vision of the producer are those of Mike Melillo with Massimo Urbani, Chet Baker with Enrico Pieranunzi. In fact, in that period Chet Baker became one of the leading names of the Philology label, also as a result of the assiduous attendance of the American trumpeter from the Macerata area. In the 1980s Phil Woods and Lee Konitz also became regulars in the record publications of the Marche label with numerous studio and live recordings.

Philology label logo

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