Fireworks – Jazz Big Band Alberto Corvini

Discography (labels) from the 80s

Album entitled “Fireworks ” by the Big Band conducted by Alberto Corvini. The disc was recorded in October 1986 at the Forum Studio in Rome and published by the Fonit Cetra label.

The formation of the Jazz Big Band was composed by: Doriano Beltrame, Claudio Corvini, Enrico Fineschi, Massimo Nunzi, Franco Piana: trumpets/Stefano Scalzi, Luciano Carratoni, Aldo Iosue, Roberta Morellini, Marco Sovran: trombones/Baldo Maestri, Ferruccio Corsi, Roberto Mancini, Francesco Santucci, Massimo Bettazzi, Claudio Pacifici: sax/Antonello Vannucchi: piano/Vittorio Sonsini: double bass/ Aldo Sferra: guitar/Alberto Corvini Jr: drums

by double bass player Bruno Tommaso

Fireworks - Jazz Big Band Alberto Corvini

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