Flux and Change – Enrico Pieranunzi e Paul Motian

Discography (labels) from the 90s

Album entitled "Flux and Change" by pianist Enrico Pieranunzi and drummer Paul Motian, recorded live on 27 August 1992 at the International Jazz Festival "Mediterranean Rumors" in Roccella Ionica (Calabria).

"Flux and Change" immortalizes the first meeting between Enrico Pieranunzi and Paul Motian, a member of the historic trio of Bill Evans (together with the double bass player Scott LaFaro) which took place at the Roccella Ionica Jazz Festival in 1992. Without rehearsals at the soundcheck before the concert, the duo creates a fluid and free improvisation without interruption. In 1995 the live performance of the two musicians, following the proposal of the Festival organization, was released on CD by the Soul Note label (later purchased by the CAM label) of the producer Giovanni Bonandrini.

Flux and Change

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