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As part of the project, supported by MiBact, the Saint Louis aims to promote in Italy, Europe and America, the original creations of 8 talented young Italian composers that will be performed in Italy by the Saint Louis Big Band and the resident ensembles abroad. of the Navarra Conservatory and the University of North Texas.Born in Berchidda in the province of Sassari, where he played in the town band at the age of 11, Paolo Fresu graduated in trumpet in 1984 at the Cagliari Conservatory. He participates in the Siena Jazz Seminars in which he attracts the attention of Enrico Rava. He records with Roberto Ottaviano, with the quintet of Paolo Damiani and Gianluigi Trovesi and with the formations of Bruno Tommaso and Giovanni Tommaso, to later form the quintet in his name with the pianist Roberto Cipelli, the saxophonist Tino Tracanna, the double bass player Attilio Zanchi and the drummer Ettore Fioravanti, to which Trovesi himself is added on some occasions. In 1985 he recorded the first disc as leader of the quintet entitled "Ostinato", which will be followed by other significant recording works, including, "Inner Voice" and "Quarto". In 1990 he won the referendum "Top Jazz” announced by the magazine Musica Jazz in the category “musician of the year” and ” “best group” for the quintet he led. Also, he is awarded the prize Arrigo Chicken for the album “Live in Montpellier”. Another important collaboration sees him alongside the double bass player Furio Di Castri in duo and trio, with the addition of the pianist Antonello Salis. In 1994 he released one of his most acclaimed records "Ensalada Mistica", with Gianluigi Trovesi, while in 2007 he recorded "The Lost Chords" with the quartet of the American pianist Carla Bley.

During his career Paolo Fresu has collaborated with numerous Italian and foreign artists: Giorgio Gaslini, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Aldo Romano, Gerry Mulligan, John Taylor, Dave Holland, John Zorn, Richard Galliano, Enrico Rava, Michel Portal, Jim Hall, Omar Sosa , Dave Douglas, David Liebman and several others.

Since 1988 he has been the artistic director of the international festival "Time in Jazz", organized in his beloved Berchidda in Sardinia.

Essential discography: Ostinato (1985 – Splasc(H) Records), Inner Voice (1986 – Splasc(H) Records), Live in Montpellier (1990 – Splasc(H) Records), Evening Song with Furio Di Castri (1991 – Owl Records), Urlo with Furio Di Castri (1993 – YVP Music), Ensalada Mistica with Gianluigi Trovesi (1994 – Splasc(H) Records), Night on the City (1995 – Owl/Emi), Wanderlust (1997 – BMG France), Shades of Chet with Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani, Enzo Pietropaoli, Roberto Gatto (1999 – Via Veneto Jazz), Think (2009 – Emi/Blue Note), Mare Nostrum II with Richard Galliano and Jan Lundgren (2016 – ACT)

“I go” – Mimmo Cafiero

Album entitled "I go" by percussionist Mimmo Cafiero recorded on 27, 28 and 29 April 1988 at the Cap Studios in Milan and published by Peppo Spagnoli's Splasc(H) label. The album features: Paolo Fresu (trumpet, flugelhorn), Maurizio Caldura (soprano and tenor sax), Andrea Beneventano (piano), Paolino Dalla Porta (double bass), Christian Meyer...

Of Castri/Freso

In the photo the double bass player Furio Di Castri together with the trumpeter Paolo Fresu in 1998. The long collaboration between Furio Di Castri and the trumpeter Paolo Fresu began in the nineties. The two recorded the albums together: "Evening Song" (1991), "Urlo" (1993), "Mythscapes" (1995), "Angel" (1998), "Metamorphosis" (1999), "Fellini" (2000) " Kind of Porgy and Bess” (2002) Contribution...


In the photos the trumpeter Enrico Rava with, among others, the pianist Stefano Bollani and the trumpeter Paolo Fresu. Contribution shared by Enrico Rava External links: Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani – The usual things Bandoleros – Enrico Rava · Stefano Bollani

Inauguration concert of the Casa del Jazz

In the photo, the inaugural concert of the Casa del Jazz in Rome on 21 April 2005. From left: Danilo Rea, Paolo Fresu, Enzo Pietropaoli, Stefano Di Battista, Dino Piana and Roberto Gatto. Contribution shared by Enzo Pietropaoli

Stefano Mastruzzi and Paolo Fresu at Saint Louis

In the photo trumpeter Paolo Fresu with Stefano Mastruzzi director of the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Contribution extracted from the book "Jazz Moment" edited by Adriano Mazzoletti, Marco Molendini and Stefano Mastruzzi

Jazz ensemble - Chronicle of a night of music

Album entitled "Jazz ensemble - Chronicle of a night of music" recorded on April 21, 2005 on the occasion of the inauguration of the Casa del Jazz in Rome. The Casa del Jazz project was strongly desired by the then Mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni following the confiscation of Villa Osio, which belonged to the boss of the Banda della Magliana, Enrico...

Shades of Chet

Album entitled "Shades of Chet" recorded in May 1999 at the Diapason Studio in Rome by the quintet formed by Enrico Rava and Paolo Fresu (trumpet), Stefano Bollani (piano), Enzo Pietropaoli (double bass), Roberto Gatto (drums). External links: “Shades of Chet” Live Umbria Jazz 2001

By Castri/Taylor/Freso

In the photo (by Aldo Venga) the trio formed by trumpeter Paolo Fresu, pianist John Taylor and double bass player Furio Di Castri at the Vignola Jazz Festival in 1992. Contribution shared by Furio Di Castri External links: John Taylor – Biography Evan song (feat Furio Di Castri, John Taylor) Satie (feat. Furio Di Castri, John...

Orange Park – Enzo Pietropaoli

Album entitled “Orange Park” by double bass player Enzo Pietropaoli. The album was recorded in July and September 1989 at the Soundvideocat Studios in Rome and published by Luciano Linzi's Gala Records label. The album features the members of Lingomania, a quintet in which Enzo Pietropaoli, Maurizio Giammarco, Umberto Fiorentino, Roberto had played. Cat, with the addition...

Buster Keaton Project - Bruno Tommaso

In the photo (from left standing): Paolo Fresu, Umberto Fiorentino, Ettore Fioravanti, Enzo Pietropaoli, Danilo Terenzi, Bruno Tommaso. (seated from left): Maurizio Giammarco, Eugenio Colombo, Roberto Ottini. The project dedicated to the actor and director Buster Keaton by the composer and double bass player Bruno Tommaso involved the performance, by a nine-piece ensemble, of music by him...

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