Gato Barbieri at Folkstudio

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Extract from the concert of the Argentine saxophonist Gato Barbieri at the Folkstudio in Rome in 1972.

Following the international success of the soundtrack of the film "Last Tango in Paris", Gato Barbieri returned to Rome in 1972 to perform at the Sistina Theater. The saxophonist decides in those days to hold a concert also for Pepito Pignatelli who, in the period prior to the fame and success achieved following the release of Bernardo Bertolucci's film, had hosted him in his house. After the close of Blue Note and the opening of the Music Inn (which took place in January 1974) Pepito Pignatelli, thanks to the collaboration of Giancarlo Cesaroni, organizes a series of concerts at the Steve Lacy and many others of Via Sacchi. In 1972 they performed in the Roman venue (point of reference of the Capitoline underground scene), as well as Gato Barbieri, the Spanish pianist Tete Montoliu, the trombonist Slide Hampton and the trumpeter Art Farmer.

Contribution shared by Marco Molendini

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