The Tour of the Day in 80 Worlds – Enrico Rava

Discography (labels) from the 70s

Title album The tour of the day in 80 worlds of the trumpeter and composer Enrico Rava. The album was recorded in February 1972 at the Fonit-Cetra studios in Turin

Enrico Rava: trumpet/Bruce Johnson: guitar/Marcellus Melis: bass/Chip White: drummer

In the first part of the Seventies, Enrico Rava lived in New York, where he remained until 1977. In 1972, during a tour in Italy with his quartet, Rava recorded his first album as a leader entitled The tour of the day in 80 worlds.

Use: During his stay in Buenos Aires at the end of the Sixties, Enrico Rava had the opportunity to meet the Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato and to deepen his interest in the works of other Argentine writers, Adolfo Bioy Casares and Jorge Borges. Julio Cortàzar. Ed è proprio il titolo di una delle opere letterarie di quest’ultimo che Enrico Rava riprende per il primo disco a suo nome

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