The Messenger - Bill Evans at the Music Inn

Press review of the 70s

Article signed by Marco Molendini which appeared in the newspaper "Il Messaggero" of December 12, 1979 concerning the concert of the pianist Bill Evans at the Music Inn in Rome with the trio formed by Marc Johnson on double bass and Joe La Barbera on drums.

Bill Evans' engagement at the Music Inn on December 12, 1979 included three concerts: one in the afternoon and two in the evening, at 9 and 11 pm respectively (both the afternoon concert and the first evening set are filmed by RAI television cameras).

Bill Evans not happy with the poor tuning of the piano, due to the humidity in the room, as soon as the soundcheck was over, he decided to leave the stage heading towards the Lungotevere. Following the insistence of the owner of the Franco Fayenz and Enrico Cogno, Pepito Pignatelli, and the manager Alberto Alberti, the American pianist convinces himself to retrace his steps, performing in the first scheduled set. At a certain point in the concert, as soon as the song "Autumn Leaves" was finished, Bill Evans clearly annoyed by the precarious state of the piano keys left the venue again, this time to return to the Cicerone hotel, where he was staying in those days. This time, however, Alberto Alberti, who has meanwhile rushed to the hotel hall, will fail to convince the pianist to return to the "cellar" of Largo dei Fiorentini for the second set, to the great disappointment of Pepito Pignatelli and the audience .

Contribution shared by Marco Molendini

Bill Evans al Music Inn

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