The Rite of the Sibyl - Bruno Tommaso

Discography (labels) from the 80s

Album entitled "Il Rito della Sibilla" by Bruno Tommaso as composer, arranger and director of the RAI Big Band. The album was recorded live in Radenci (Slovenia) on 12 January 1984, produced for the third radio network of RAI by Pasquale Santoli and the following year published by the Fonit Cetra label.

In the eighties, in the context of the Yugoslav Federal Socialist Republic, a Jazz Festival was organized in which the musicians of the radio and television orchestras of each Republic were compared with those of a foreign orchestra that every year was invited for the occasion to perform with the own repertoire and versions of indigenous traditional music. In 1984 the RAI Modern Rhythms Orchestra conducted by Bruno Tommaso was invited. The idea of ​​involving the double bass player in the organization of the sets of "Modern Rhythms" is realized on the initiative of the author Pasquali Santoli in whose radio program "A certain musical discourse" the concert is broadcast. In replacement of the titular pianist of the Orchestra, Maestro Roberto Pregadio, Enrico Pieranunzi is called as special guest.

Contribution shared by Enrico Pieranunzi and Bruno Tommaso

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