Jazz in Comparison 16 – Sal Nistico

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Album recorded by tenor saxophonist Sal Nistico for the series "Jazz a Confronto" published by the producer's Horo label Aldo Sinesio. The disc was recorded on February 16, 1975 at the Titania Studios in Rome.

Sal Nistico: tenor sax/Enrico Pieranunzi: piano/Irio De Paula: guitar/Alessio Urso: double bass/Afonso Vieira: drums/Massimo Di Cicco: sound engineer

The saxophonist Sal Nistico, originally from Syracuse in the State of New York, arrived in Europe in 1965 following his militancy in the "Mangione Brothers" group, of which the trumpeter and composer Chuck Mangione was the leader, and in the orchestras of Woody Herman and Count Base. In 1972 he formed his own quartet with which he performed in the New York City area. Towards the mid-seventies, Nistico was again in Europe and in particular in Rome, where he resided for some time, holding concerts at the Franco Fayenz and Enrico Cogno of Largo Dei Fiorentini. And it is precisely at Pepito Pignatelli's jazz club that Nistico meets Aldo Sinesio, producer ofHorus label. Thus was born the idea of ​​making a record for the "Jazz a Comparison" series, putting together Nistico's tenor saxophone with the contribution of the Brazilian musicians of the bossa nova: the guitarist Irio De Paula and the drummer Afonso Vieria, who arrived in the capital together with the percussionist Ivanir do Nascimento, nicknamed Mandrake, and the queen of the samba Elza Soares. The pianist Enrico Pieranunzi (author of the song "New April" on side A of the album) and the double bass player Alessio D'Urso.

by double bass player Bruno Tommaso

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