Jazz compared 2 – Marcello Rosa

Discography (labels) from the 70s

Album recorded by the composer and trombonist Marcello Rosa for the series "Comparing Jazz” published by the Horo label of the producer Aldo Sinesio. The album was recorded in January 1973 at the Titania Studios in Rome.

Marcello Rosa, Aldo Josue, Dino Piana, Alberto Collatina: trombone/Giancarlo Schiaffini: tuba/ Enrico Pieranunzi: piano/Bruno Tommaso: double bass/Massimo Rocci: drums/Gaetano Vituzzi: sound engineer

In 1968 Enrico Pieranunzi met at the "Nocciolo", a small jazz club opened by Angelo Baroncini in Vicolo Del Cedro in the Trastevere district of Rome, the trombonist Marcello Rosa which offers him to enter the complex. In 1973 the line-up recorded the album "Jazz a Confronto 2" for the Sicilian producer Aldo Sinesio's Horo label. The young pianist, then twenty-three years old, contributes to the album with the song "Rosa Minore" (his first ever jazz composition) dedicated to Marcello Rosa. However, since Enrico Pieranunzi is not yet a member of the SIAE, the passage on the liner notes is credited to his father Alvaro, guitarist and composer of the Roman jazz-blues scene.

The entire material recorded on analogue support was digitized and restored by the sound engineers of the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome under the supervision of Paolo Marra, curator of the Jazz Archive in Rome.

by double bass player Bruno Tommaso

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