Jazz a confronto 7 – Martin Joseph

Discography (labels) from the 70s

Album recorded by pianist Martin Joseph for the series "Jazz in comparison" published byHorus label by Aldo Sinesio. The disc was recorded on February 9, 1974 at the Titania Studios in Rome.

Martin Joseph: piano/Bruno Tommaso: double bass/Michele Iannaccone: drums

English pianist, born in London, Martin Joseph became a permanent presence on the Rome jazz scene around the mid-Seventies. Previously he had collaborated with musicians who were part of the new generation of English jazz: trumpeter Harry Beckett, multi-instrumentalist John Surman, trumpeter Ian Carr and saxophonist Tubby Hayes and others. He also plays with musicians from the English rock scene: Ginger Baker, drummer of power trio “Cream”, con Eric Clapton e Jack Bruce, il sassofonista Dick Heckstall-Smith e il batterista Jon Hiseman, fondatori del gruppo “Colosseum”, e Graham Bond, musicista e cantante, considerato il padre del R&B britannico.

Martin Joseph performs in the meeting spaces that the new group of jazz musicians created in the Seventies in Rome, such as a small theater in the Centocelle district or in the context of the self-managed festivals, so popular in those years, including the one set up in neighborhood of Monte Mario. In 1973 he forms a trio with the double bass player Bruno Tommaso and the drummer Michele Iannaccone, to which the saxophonist Maurizio Giammarco is sometimes added. The formation plays in the same year as part of the Formia Jazz Festival. The album “Jazz a Confronto 7” represents the trio's first studio effort and the second ever for the English pianist (the first occurred on the album recorded by Giancarlo Schiaffini for the same record series produced by Aldo Sinesio)

This is how Bruno Tommaso describes it in his book "The school I dreamed of – music as a common good, jazz as a dialogue” (EDIN-PAN Music Editions) – “Joseph, a man of the world, an English pianist, wandered from Morocco to Italy, from Santo Domingo to Peru… yet in his shy and thin appearance, in his British, respectful and distracted aplomb, sooner or later he reveals a character with decisive choices , coherent and courageous”.

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