Comparison of Jazz 8 – Schiano/Gaslini

Discography (labels) from the 70s

Album recorded by the saxophonist Mario Schiano with the pianist and composer Giorgio Gaslini for the series “Comparing Jazz” published by the Horo label of producer Aldo Sinesio. The album was recorded on 12 February 1974 at the Titania Studios in Rome.

Mario Schiano: alto saxophone/Giorgio Gaslini: piano/Maurizio Giammarco: soprano saxophone/Toni Formichella: soprano saxophone/Massimo Urbani: alto saxophone/Bruno Tommaso: double bass/Michele Iannaccone: drums/Massimo Di Cicco: sound engineer

Use: Il disco segna l’incontro di Mario Schiano con Giorgio Gaslini. Anni dopo, i due collaboreranno di nuovo all’interno dell’Italian Instabile Orchestra.

15 Feb

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