Mandrake Som – Sombossa

Discography (labels) from the 70s

Album titled "in Sombo” by the Brazilian naturalized Italian singer and percussionist Mandrake Ivanir do Nascimento. The album was recorded in July 1975 at the Studi Orthophonic From Rome

Mandrake Ivanir do Nascimento: arrangements and percussion/Sergio Scollo: piano/Giò (Giovanna Marinuzzi): voice and guitar/Damaso Grossi: saxophone/Riccardo Romei: double bass/Cosimo Lampis: drums/Pino Mastroianni: sound engineer

Mandrake Som, pseudonym of Ivanir do Nascimento, arrived in Italy in 1970 with the group of the Brazilian singer, queen of Samba, Elsa Soares for a tour organized by Franco Fontana, which included a performance at the Sistina Theater in Rome, as part of the "Sistine Mondays". Together with the guitarist Irio De Paula and the drummer Afonso Vieira, will remain permanently in Italy. He participates in various television and radio programs and becomes part of the orchestra directed by Enrico Simonetti. Furthermore, he participates in the creation of Gato Barbieri's soundtrack for the film "Last Tango in Paris” (1972), collaborates with saxophonist Mario Schiano (South – 1973), the trumpeter Enrico Rava (Pupa a chrysalis – 1974) and with the jazz-rock group Perigeo (Genealogy – 1974)

In the same period, Mandrake Ivanir do Nascimento formed the quartet Balanco, with, among others, the double bass player Giorgio Rosciglione, and, later, the group “Mandrake Som”, with which he recorded the album entitled “in Sombo

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