Massimo Urbani with Enrico Rava

Stock Photo 70s

In the photo (by Roberto Masotti) saxophonist Massimo Urbani together with trumpeter Enrico Rava in concert.

During the tour in Italy in 1972 Enrico Rava meets in Rome a young talent of Italian jazz, Massimo Urbani. Impressed by his way of playing, the trumpeter decides to let him join the formation that accompanies him in concert. After a while Urbani is in New York, where the trumpeter has decided to take him to perform for two weeks in a city club and within a television broadcast. With them are bassist Calvin Hill and drummer Michael Carvin.

Between 1977 and 1979 Massimo Urbani will be part of the Rava quintet with Bobo Stenson, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen and with the quartet with Aldo Romano and J.F. Jenny Clark.

Contribution shared by Enrico Rava

Massimo Urbani with Enrico Rava

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