Miles Davis – Rome 1982

Press review of the 80s

Article by Marco Molendini appeared in the newspaper "Il Messaggero" of 27 April 1982 concerning the concert of the trumpeter Miles Davis at the Tenda Seven Up From Rome.

On the stage of the Seven Up Tent, Miles Davis directs a group of young semi-unknown instrumentalists, but still of high level: guitarist Mike Stern, saxophonist Bill Evans, drummer Al Foster, bassist Marcus Miller, percussionist Mino Cinelu.

This is how the journalist Marco Molendini describes the concert of the American trumpeter - "Davis speaks difficult, he has built a refined and complex frame, very elegant intellectually, full of implications and silences, often so sudden and unexpected as to be heard as if they could only be there ... the first cry of his trumpet is at the same time a frustration with conformism and a wonderful surprise. "

Contribution shared by Marco Molendini

Miles Davis - Rome 1982

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