The Jazz Archive in Rome is the virtual place to explore the extraordinary history of Italian jazz from the second half of the last century up to the beginning of the new millennium, following its growth path to its definitive international success. The Archive was born and developed thanks to careful research, archiving and dissemination of bibliographic, audio, video and photographic material accompanied by detailed information, editorials and testimonies of authoritative personalities from the Italian jazz scene. The conviction of being able to transform the discovery and preservation of the memory of Italian jazz into the driving force of the artistic ferment of today and tomorrow is the basis of a unique project in Rome.

curated by PAOLO MARRA

Jazz archive edited by Paolo MarraPaolo Marra is a music critic. Born in Rome, from the age of 13 he devoted himself to the study of both classical and jazz piano to become passionate about following the deepening of the history of different musical genres and styles. His high school studies in Social Sciences and university in Communication push him to explore the various languages ​​of the media and social networks. He has been involved in editorial preparation for radio programs and articles for websites for several years. For the online newspaper "Media Frequency" he writes articles on transversal topics concerning art, current affairs, cinema, music and events in Rome. For the web magazine "All About Jazz" he writes articles, also in English, with reviews and interviews with various musicians from the European and American scene, including Gary Bartz, Ashley Henry, Roberto Fonseca, Stefano Bollani, Enrico Pieranunzi, Mario Biondi and James Senese. The strong passion for literature pushes him to want to tell the stories of the protagonists of jazz, their lives and the human side hidden behind their art. An inveterate collector of vinyls, he decides to combine the story with the search for material relating to the history of Italian Jazz, creating a virtual archive accessible to anyone.