Jazz Music – Interview with Giorgio Gaslini

Press review of the 70s

Franco Fayenz's interview with the composer and pianist Giorgio Gaslini which appeared in the magazine Musica Jazz (January 1973) entitled "In conversation with Gaslini“.

The interview was conducted at the end of the first year of the jazz music course at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, whose chair had been entrusted to Giorgio Gaslini. Speaking of the results achieved in the first year of work, the Milanese pianist states - "I discovered that the result of the teaching factor for the birth of new jazz talents is infallible”.

In that period Giorgio Gaslini continues to compose for the quartet formed by Gianni Bedori, Bruno Crovetto and Franco Tonani. Summing up the ten years of activity of the formation, the pianist declares - "Between us there is a relationship of extreme individual freedom in the context of a great collective rigor given by working together and by the score created for the group".

Furthermore, Gaslini was convinced that he had exhausted the experience with the big band. With the orchestra, the pianist had made several records over the course of three years, including the theatrical work Interview with Malcolm X dove”- he explains himself – “the importance of the subject matter and the relevance of the jazz language to this subject have allowed the fusion of the orchestra with a lyrical choir, and with singing and dancing actors in a show that will remain a fundamental point of reference for me.

Courtesy of the publisher of Musica Jazz

Contribution shared by Maurizio Giammarco

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