Jazz Music – Interview with Massimo Urbani

Press review of the 70s

Interview by Mario Luzzi with saxophonist Massimo Urbani which appeared in the magazine Musica Jazz (February 1975)

The interview with Massimo Urbani was carried out in the recording studios in Rome during the recording of the Roman saxophonist's first solo album for the series "Comparing Jazz” dell’etichetta Horo, del produttore Aldo Sinesio, realizzata col bassista Calvin Hill e il batterista Nestor Astarita.

L’intervista prosegue, due giorni dopo, al Franco Fayenz and Enrico Cogno, dove Urbani si esibisce con un gruppo di giovani musicisti della scena jazz romana, per terminare all’aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci, dove il sassofonista si stava per imbarcare su di un volo per Palermo per un concerto col gruppo di Enrico Rava (in February of the following year, Urbani left with Enrico Rava for New York for a series of concerts ).

Nel periodo antecedente all’intervista, Massimo Urbani aveva partecipato all’incisione del disco South with Mario Schiano's group, Message and Pop fairy tale con Giorgio Gaslini e a due dischi della serie “Jazz a Confronto”, il primo con Giancarlo Schiaffini e l’altro con Schiano e Gaslini.

In the interview Massimo Urbani says – “At first I listened to a bit of everything: Armstrong, Parker, Dexter Gordon. Then, the first musician who struck me, after Parker, was Eric Dolphy... in the same period I discovered John Coltrane. His record Expression it was a real shock for me. For the first time I was able to understand the lyricism of jazz: before then I had only learned the technique."

Courtesy of the publisher of Musica Jazz

Contribution shared by Maurizio Giammarco

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