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Press review of the 70s

Article appeared in the magazine Musica Jazz (January 1972) by Bruno Schiozzi entitled "The Clan of the Fontaniani“, concerning the pianist and owner of the Studio 7 of Milan, Tito Fontana.

In 1958 the pianist Tito Fontana opened the Studio 7. Equipped with the best equipment of the time, the Studio 7 in a short time it became the point of reference for singers and formations of Italian jazz and pop music. In Tito Fontana's recording studios records are recorded for RCA, Ricordi, and for the series "History of music“, published by Fabbri Editori. Tito Fontana founds the Dire label (with the support of Giulio Confalonieri, a world-renowned Italian graphic designer, and his guitarist friend Alberto Rota), making recordings at the Milanese studio of Renato Sellani, Giorgio Azzolini, Guido Manusardi, Franco Cerri, Giancarlo Barigozzi, Flavio Ambrosetti. During the day, recordings are made at Studio 7 while, in the evening, a large group of musicians and jazz enthusiasts gather to give life to real artistic encounters enlivened by jam sessions: in addition to Tito Fontana, Alberto Rota, Luigi Tonioli, Claudio Fasoli, Giorgio Azzolini, Marco Ratti, Carlo Milani, Maurizio Lama, Giorgio Buratti (also the drummers Tullio De Piscopo and Giancarlo Pillot in the following years take part in the formations of Tito Fontana).

In addition to the jazz musicians of the Milanese scene, the Studio 7 attracts personalities of Italian culture, simple listeners, actors and future promises of Italian pop music, such as Giorgio Gaber, Enzo Jannacci, Bruno Lauzi and Maria Monti.

Courtesy of the publisher of Musica Jazz

Contribution shared by Maurizio Giammarco

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