Piero Angela and Franco Cerri

2000s Stock Photo

In the photo the pianist and journalist Piero Angela together with the guitarist Franco Cerri.

In 1953 the critic Arrigo Polillo from the pages of the magazine Musica Jazz expressed himself thus towards the "pianist" Piero Angela, who later became a well-known journalist and television broadcaster - "Angela is undoubtedly a classy pianist, certainly one of the best I've heard in Italy. Her style is modern, dry, vigorous, and her compact phrasing is supported by a robust swing ”.

The journalist and writer Adriano Mazzoletti in his book "L'Italia del Jazz" (Stefano Mastruzzi Editore) writes - "Piero Angela was the most extraordinary non-professional musician in the history of Italian jazz”.

Contribution extracted from the book "L’Italia del Jazz" by Adriano Mazzoletti

Piero Angela and Franco Cerri

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