Rhythm with the 013- Orchestra of Piero Piccioni

Discography (labels) from the 1960s

Album entitled "Ritmando con la 013" containing live radio performances by the orchestra conducted by Piero Piccioni in the period between 1944 and 1945 in Room A of Via Asiago 10 smell

Pianist and composer Piero Piccioni form in 1944 an orchestra composed of thirteen elements. With this staff, the conductor (under the pseudonym of Piero Morgan) is called to perform at the PWB (Radio Rome), at Room A in Via Asiago 10 in Rome (later passed under the jurisdiction of RAI), between May 1944 and November 1945.

Among the ranks of the Orchestra 013 there are extraordinary soloists, including Bruno Martino (piano), Stelio Subelli (trumpet), Riccardo Rauchi (clarinet, saxophone), Carlo Loffredo (contrabass). Following the dissolution of the 013 Orchestra, in 1948 Piero Piccioni stayed for a period in New York, during which he had the opportunity to perform on the CBS television network with Charlie Parker, Kenny Dorham, Max Roach and Tommy Potter, replacing " Ko Ko” the pianist Al Haig.

Use: the disc contains three tracks recorded live in 1967 in room A in Via Asiago 10 by Piero Piccioni's Orchestra 013 and presented by the music critic and radio host Adriano Mazzoletti.

Piero Piccioni

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