Smog - Piero Umiliani

Italian cinema and 1960s jazz

Soundtrack by Piero Umiliani of the film "Smog" (1962) directed by director Franco Rossi.

For the recording of the film music, the composer and conductor Piero Umiliani makes use of the instrumental contribution of the American trumpeter Chet Baker with whom he had previously collaborated for the creation of the song "Blues For Gassman", included in the soundtrack of the film “I soliti ignoti” (1958) directed by director Mario Monicelli.

Use: in addition to Chet Baker, he is present in two songs of the soundtrack of the film "Smog" Helen Merrill, American singer who settled in Italy in the 1960s collaborating with Piero Umiliani, Ennio Morricone, Armando Trovajoli and Romano Mussolini.

Piero Umiliani

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