RAI studios – Nunzio Rotondo

Stock Photo 60s

In the photo (by Riccardo Schwamenthal) trumpeter Nunzio Rotondo in the RAI Studios of Via Asiago 10 a Roma.

In the early 1960s, Nunzio Rotondo, one of the most important exponents in the history of Italian jazz, devoted himself to radio activity in the RAI Studios in Via Asiago 10 in Rome. The training that accompanies him includes: the double bass player Maurizio Majorana (replaced in the same year by Dodo Goja), drummer Roberto Podio (replaced in the same year by Franco Mondini), the young pianist Franco D’Andrea, arrived in Rome from Bologna,(replaced for a short time by the Belgian pianist Joel Vandroogenbroeck) and, in some recording sessions, a young Argentine saxophonist who has recently arrived in the capital, Gato Barbieri.

Contribution extracted from the book "L’Italia del Jazz" by Adriano Mazzoletti

The trumpeter Nunzio Rotondo

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