The night Gone By – Enrico Pieranunzi

Discography (labels) from the 90s

Album entitled “The Night Gone By” by the trio of pianist Enrico Pieranunzi with Paul Motian on drums and Marc Johnson on double bass, recorded in February 1996 at Clinton Recording Studio B in New York and released by the Alfa Jazz label.

The first album recorded in New York by Enrico Pieranunzi, "The Night Gone By" is produced by the Japanese Satoshi Hirano of the Alfa Jazz label, specialized in recordings of trio formations. The proverbial obsessive search for perfection inherent in Japanese culture is combined in Hirano's case with a passionate appreciation for the music expressed by the pianist, so much so that he put in place the best conditions for the creation of the album in order to obtain the maximum level of acoustic performance and quality of execution: Clinton Studio Recording, among the best in New York, was chosen for the recording sessions, with the technical contribution of David Barker, a renowned sound engineer. Furthermore, the possibility is given to Enrico Pieranunzi to choose the model of instrument most suited to him among dozens of Steinway Grand Codas housed in a large hangar located in the American city, managed by Pro Piano, one of the most important piano rental companies in the world.

by double bass player Bruno Tommaso

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