logo arturo studio sessionsArturo Produzioni 2022 the Saint Louis opens the selections for the production of original unpublished songs written by their students as part of the "ArtUro Prod." 2022

The project also includes the video recording of the sessions in the recording studio for the purpose of creating a professional “Live in Studio” video clip and the distribution of the song on the main digital platforms and social channels.

Each student can participate in the selection by sending up to 3 unreleased songs that will be sent (already arranged and complete) using the appropriate form (mp3, wave or aiff file).

The number of pieces selected will depend on the classes involved in the project for the academic year 2020/2021 and will include a first selection that will be worked on first, then a second and so on, in order to finalize as many pieces as possible.

Material to be sent:
- Song finished and arranged in play / rec in mp3 (optional sending of more songs up to the number of 3)
- Band staff
- Name and surname of a representative of the band

Applications by December 21st.

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