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Composition of the QA Working Group

Director: Stefano Mastruzzi,
Administration: Alessandra Collatina
Student Representative: Sara Gullì (president consults students from May 2021 to May 2023)
Bass Department: Gianfranco Gullotto
Jazz drums department: Claudio Mastracci
Pop drums department: Daniele Pomo
Pop Singing Department: Maria Grazia Fontana
Jazz singing department: Pierluca Buonfrate
Department of singing technique: Antonella De Grossi
Department of rock-blues guitar: Lello Panico
Jazz guitar department: Umberto Fiorentino
Department of Jazz Composition and Ear Training: Antonio Solimene
Department of Composition and Film Music: Gianluca Podio
Department of Applied Music: Silvio Relandini
Double Bass Department: Andrea Avena
Department of Electronic Music: Luca Spagnoletti
Department of Sound Engineer: Luca Proietti
Percussion Department: Giovanni Imparato
Department of Harmony, Jazz Piano, Piano and keyboards: Pierpaolo Principato
Wind Department: Michel Audisso
Strings Department: Marcello Sirignano

Functions of the dedicated working group for the QA

The functions of the "dedicated" working group for the QA are:

  • promoting the culture of quality through the responsible involvement of all the players in the internal Quality Assurance system;
  • define tools and procedures for Quality Assurance and verify their application;
  • plan training activities in the field of Quality Assurance;
  • coordinate the self-assessment and accreditation activities of the study courses and of the headquarters;
  • support operational managers in internal Quality Assurance procedures;
  • ensure the correct flow of information between all the actors involved in the internal Quality Assurance system;
  • periodically report on the status of actions relating to internal Quality Assurance, highlighting the critical issues and deviations between what was planned and what was achieved.

Composition of the Evaluation Unit

M ° Antonio Solimene - internal
Bruno Carioti - Outside
Antonia Pasquariello - Outside


The Evaluation Unit of the AFAM Institutions is a mandatory body identified by art. 4, paragraph 1, of the Presidential Decree 132/2003, Regulation laying down criteria for the statutory, regulatory and organizational autonomy of artistic and musical institutions, in accordance with the law of 21 December 1999, no. 508.

Article 10 of this regulation and the further amendments introduced by Article 1, paragraph 645, of Law 205/17 (Budget Law 2018) define the functions of this institutional body. By law, the Evaluation Unit verifies the compliance of the results with the institutional objectives. In particular, it performs the following functions:

a) evaluation of the results of teaching and research activities and the overall functioning of the Institution, through the verification - also conducted through comparative cost / benefit analyzes - of the optimal use of resources;

b) drafting of the annual report on the activities and functioning of the Institution, according to the criteria determined by ANVUR; c) periodic acquisition, anonymously, of students' opinions on teaching activities and indication of the results in the Annual Report. The Evaluation Unit carries out internal quality assurance functions in relation to improvement processes the definition of the objectives and results of the institution, as well as the optimization of the use of resources and student satisfaction.

Annual reports

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