Research activities and doctorates

Research and development

Saint Louis is one of the first AFAM institutions in Italy to have started research activities, through a fruitful and direct collaboration with the University of Tuscia.

Research activity in the field of high artistic and music education in Italy is very limited due to lack of funds. Saint Louis has therefore started this activity from sources of funding based on its own resources.

There are two active research projects:

  1. PhD on Compositional solutions and emotional responses: study and technical deepening of the correlations between compositional solutions and emotional responses of the listener, from 1900 to today, in the field of music applied to the image. Co-financed by Saint Louis College of Music in Rome and the University of Tuscia of a PhD scholarship in "Historical and Cultural Heritage Sciences", coordinator Prof. Luciano Palermo and, for Saint Louis, M° Gianluca Podio - end of the Doctorate: January 2018
  2. Funding by CIRDER for research activities on new technologies in the field of music applied to images – research term: July 2018