Third mission activities and projects

(a.13) institutional guidelines, with possible reporting of internal structures, bodies and procedures specifically dedicated to the development of the third mission;
b.13) list of agreements and structured collaborations with the productive, economic, political and social world that include common objectives of the third mission (with links to documents published on the institutional website);
c.13) list of projects in progress, accompanied by a brief presentation indicating the beneficiaries, the intervention context, the costs and the expected results (with link to a document possibly published on the institutional website);

One of the fundamental tasks that the working group dedicated to the Third Mission set itself, as well as of course that of contributing to guaranteeing the correspondence between the declared standards and the results obtained, was that of producing knowledge having social, innovative and economic purposes in mind. In fact, the Institute wanted to demonstrate an adequate outward projection by increasing musical dissemination activities, intensifying third-party teaching, confirming its social commitment. A further opening therefore towards a specific context exercised through the enhancement and transfer of knowledge in order to promote opportunities for musical growth from an educational point of view, supported by an unavoidable territorial dimension. The dissemination activity has materialized with the enrichment of editorial and record productions, the organization of events by the Saint Louis Management Agency, the participation of its students in national and international festivals, all promoted by the press office. of the Institute.

I continue my commitment with third sector companies with particular attention to the initiatives carried out with special users (Manto Social Cooperative); opportunities for promoting ideas of cultural and entrepreneurial value (Association of social promotion Centro Studi Saint Louis, Association of Music Therapy OLTRE); to projects shared with the world of school (National network of artistic high schools - ReNaLiArt). link

One of the most important projects activated by Saint Louis in the A.Y. 2019/20 is the project: PRIhME: Stakeholder Assembly on Power Relations in Higher Music Education International project coordinated by AEC - Association Europee des Conservatoires and the Royal Irish Academy of Dublin. The Project was then funded under the KA2 Erasmus +, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Strategic Partnerships for higher education

b.13) The social activities in the three-year period 2019/22 concern: - support for the MADE IN JAIL cooperative which employs prisoners and ex-prisoners for the purpose of social reintegration, from which the Saint Louis procures t-shirts, backpacks and other gadgets in large quantities. - music therapy pilot project in collaboration with the OLTRE association, which will allow many children to face therapy at practically zero costs, started in 2018 and is always active at the Institution - social integration activity carried out in collaboration with the MANTO Cooperative with the 'goal of building guidance paths and integration processes in the field of “SOCIAL ACTIVITIES for the integration of people with disabilities”; as well as on further sectoral issues in order to create initiatives and projects that allow for ever greater local roots. link to memoranda of understanding:

c.13) - Made in Jail cooperative: the annual budget was about 7,500 euros - music therapy project: the annual budget is 3,000 euros, the beneficiaries are children up to 12 years under the direction of a psychotherapist, with income brackets disadvantaged, to fully or partially cover the costs of music therapy. - Research project for special users - annual budget 30,000.00 euro 2 external resources and one internal part-time resource