Piazza Armerina
21 - 31 July 2022

Artistic Director Stefano Mastruzzi

From 21 to 31 July, in the splendid baroque city of Piazza Armerina, the first edition of the "Between Jazz Festival" will take place, promoted and organized by the prestigious Saint Louis College of Music and the GlobArt cultural association, and in collaboration with Georgia Lo Faro Events.

The leitmotif that inspires "Between Jazz Festival" is to encourage the encounter between different artistic currents that merge into a single language, in the name of contamination and cultural comparison.

The prestigious programming will be articulated in a dynamic way involving different locations of the city: in Piazza Cattedrale on July 21st (at 9.00 pm) will be staged - "THE GREAT OPERA IN JAZZ" with the extraordinary pianist Danilo Rea, who will present a new project to rediscover the wonders of Italian melodrama in an innovative interpretation that, thanks to technology, will once again bring into vogue the voices of the great lyrical singers of the 20th century, extracted from videos and historical recordings, which will be projected on a maxi screen.

July 22 will be the turn of "JAZZ TANGO" with the Argentine saxophonist and composer Javier Girotto & Aires Tango; si tratta di un progetto in cui il melos e i ritmi della musica argentina si prestano all’improvvisazione jazzistica diventando tasselli per le più coinvolgenti fantasie strumentali. Il 23 luglio “UN SERIO GIOCO” con Daniela Spalletta alla voce e Stefania Tallini al pianoforte, un progetto musicale dove le due artiste si incontrano al crocevia di alcune passioni comuni: jazz, repertorio antico e cameristico, musica contemporanea e tradizionale, il tutto esplorato e rielaborato attraverso un ampio ricorso al linguaggio dell’ improvvisazione.

On July 24th "QU4TTRO" will be staged with Claudio Terzo, Manfredi Tumminello, Umberto Porcaro, Ferdinando Moncada, each with its own genre, whose common passion is the guitar, veterans of the stages as soloists or with their respective bands, who collaborate today to give life to a show full of musical virtuosity. The project stems from the careful selection of the songs that the four musicians perform in a totally acoustic key and in vocal polyphony. The Festival will continue in Piazza Garibaldi, which winds through the heart of the urban structure and everyday life, where ensembles of young jazz talents from the Saint Louis Institute of Higher Artistic Training in Rome and the Sicilian Conservatories will perform (starting from 19.30).

On 29 July the - Two Giants Trio will perform, formed by Luca Mazzola, Alberto Petrigno and Federico Chisesi who will perform the old songs of the American tradition of the first half of the 1900s with western swing inspiration. On July 30th the - Fake Five arrives, a musical project linked to Latin and Latin Jazz with the pianist Carmelo Clemente, the bassist Luca La Russa and the percussionist Federico Mordino. Last concert on July 31st with Davide Rizzuto Gipsy Trio, a musical journey that starts from the Gypsy Jazz genre up to the Jazz Standards that have made history.

The programming devised by the Artistic Director Stefano Mastruzzi,, well-known composer and musician, as well as Director of the Saint Louis School of Music, creates an imaginary dialogue between the infinite and unpredictable souls of jazz, the elegance of the forms of the Opera arias, the spontaneity of Mediterranean motifs and popular songs, the charm sensual Argentine tango and the irreverent reiteration of the African American blues. "Between Jazz Festival" will allow citizens and tourists to enjoy the music of some of the greatest Italian jazz artists, in a magical and evocative place like the enchanting Piazza Armerina.

Jazz will therefore become the common thread of the meeting and contamination between the different identities and artistic expressions that will enrich the tourist offer of the territory even more, affirming the Sicilian city for its vitality, between history and tradition and contemporaneity, in the panorama national.

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