Bibliomediateca available to Saint Louis students, for research, study and consultation, two vast digital archives, available free of charge online from the classrooms or from a personal computer / tablet connected to the network of one of the Saint Louis offices.

Bibliomediateca a real library and media library at your disposal, with millions of articles from international scientific, music and university journals, published from 1920 to the present day and beyond 630.000 scores in the public domain and historical executions of music in the public domain.

Articles from international scientific, musical and university books and journals

Scores in the public domain, including arrangements, orchestrations and performances

Conceived by Saint Louis: the jazz archive with bibliographic material, audio, video, photos, information schedules

Digital library available to all students. A vast catalog of texts concerning multiple styles and musical genres.

The archives are open to everyone but, apart from the Jazz archive, they require an increasing waiting time for each download as the scores are downloaded. From the Saint Louis offices, on the other hand, downloads are unlimited and without any waiting time.
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