Student Service Charter

The student services charter is a prospectus aimed at a simplified global visualization of all the services offered by Saint Louis, beyond the teaching activity.
Saint Louis is committed to following its students in every field, offering them a series of activities related to the world of music. It stands out in this from any other Italian music institute, thanks to the variety and quantity of complementary activities proposed every year.

In the pdf, downloadable and printable, the services are divided according to the student's educational moment: from the incoming services, essentially indicative and designed for the student just enrolled; to those in itinere for students halfway through the course, from concerts to special projects such as the Big Band, to the many masterclasses and in-depth seminars; to end with the services dedicated to outgoing students, i.e. graduating students and graduates, followed by a production agency that provides them with the first opportunities for integration into the world of work.

And then the national and international partnerships, festivals, recording productions, competitions and much more.