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The left hand of the pianist

Secondo appuntamento video con la mini serie dedicata al pianoforte insieme all’insegnante Andrea Saffirio. Come abbiamo visto nel video precedente, è possibile esporre una melodia in maniera efficace con poche note…

Piano solo: how to harmonize a melody

Piano solo: like harmonizing a melody, the solo piano can seem like a real mountain to climb. Accustomed to beautiful voicings without fundamental for the left hand, find ourselves responsible ...

Adding Rhythmic Variety (part 2)

In the last video we started exploring simple rhythmic solutions to start adding variety to our phrasing. In this video we will continue the discussion started in the previous one, seeing other possible rhythmic shifts, ...
Add Rhythmic Variety

Adding Rhythmic Variety (part 1)

In the past videos we have seen how to connect chords in a fluid way with improvisation. However, we have left out the rhythmic aspect, assuming that we will have played all the octaves present in ...
Add Rhythmic Variety

Connect the chords

Connecting the chords with Andrea Saffirio, today we will see a very useful exercise to learn how to improvise by connecting the chords in the best possible way.
Connect the chords

Pronounce it swing

Today we will talk about swing pronunciation, seeing some exercises that can help improve it and make it more incisive. Andrea Saffirio
It is pronounced Swing 1 part