Series of didactic manuals by Saint Louis teachers

The educational series is the result of years of research, practice, teaching and continuous updates Saint Louis Docs it includes a series of manuals designed by professional teachers and adopted in the professional academic and pre-academic diploma courses of the Saint Louis.

The musical teaching of an institute of excellence and high-level musical training explained by the same teachers who have lived it since 1976 and are confronted daily with teaching: Antonio Solimene, Antonella De Grossi, Stefano Sabatini, Marco Manusso, William Stravato, Antonio Affrunti, Alberto Recchia, Marzia Bulli together with many other teachers and authors, they have created a rich series of manuals for the study and deepening of vocal technique, improvisation and guitar - from jazz to heavy rock - bass, drums, piano, ear training up to practice in the recording studio for sound engineers.