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directed by Milena Nigro

Singing in choir is an excellent tool for improving one's listening skills and the perception of harmony and rhythm. It is also a huge stimulus for those who want to gain greater control of the vocal technique.

Your voice must be molded, modeled and enriched with harmonics, in order to be confused and abandoned to the magic of choral sound, to the emotion of melodic and rhythmic intertwining.

In the multistylistic choir, work will begin with a cappella pieces to develop rhythmic ability and intonation, vocal emission quality and deep perception of harmony, and then move on to repertoire with rhythm section or orchestral ensembles.

The repertoire will range from Disney soundtrack masterpieces to the great classics of popular music, jazz and Brazilian music, with all original arrangements created for the ensemble on hand.

Part of the work will be devoted to studying the form of the proposed arrangements, enabling the choristers to easily follow even a complex score.