Second cycle Academic Diploma (Master level)

Authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research

Second cycle Academic Diploma (Master level)

The second level Jazz courses are built around each student, for the development of their own artistic personality, aimed at both recording and concert artistic productions.

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It is a limited students number course, open to a maximum of 6 students per year, coming from Saint Louis 1st Cycle Academic courses or selected through audition.


Fill out the form and you will receive by e-mail the study program and detailed information on application procedures as well as a complete schedule of all deadlines.

The 2nd cycle Jazz courses are built around each student, for the development of one's own artistic personality, aimed at both recording and concert artistic productions.


    Detailed analysis of compositions and arrangements for medium and large formations, destructuring and reconstructing for the creation of original projects in style


    Artisan workshop of creative writing, expanding one's own vision from contemporary jazz to film music, from the jazz tradition to contaminations with electronic music and popular music in a broad sense.


    Deepening of techniques, styles and contemporary languages , also experimental ones, for combos, big bands and mixed ensembles with strings, all performed by big band in flesh and blood with international artists and guests

Every year the compositions and arrangements of the trainees participate in the Jazz Factory, a month of rehearsals with large orchestra and concert at the Auditorium of Rome Parco della Musica with international special guests as a real insertion into a business circuit.

Special Guest who in the last 5 years have embellished the work of the two-year jazz composition and arrangement course: Vince Mendoza, Richard De Rosa, Paolo Fresu, Beppe Servillo, Javier Girotto, Kurt Elling, Rosario Giuliani

At the end of the two-year second cycle academic diploma, the student can continue his/her specialization studies through a specialization Master program (acknowledged by the Ministry of Education).

  • composer and arranger of original projects
  • arranger for medium and large formations
  • music author for sonorizations and music applied to images

Since 2012 Saint Louis has participated in the Erasmus + program, which offers the possibility to every student of Academic level to live periods of mobility in other European and Extra-European Higher Education Institutes for study or internship projects.

Each student can therefore benefit of a maximum of 12 months of study or internship abroad for each study cycle (12 months max in the three-year first cycle, 12 months max in the two-year second cycle of academic studies), choosing one's destination among a wide and excellent offer of foreign partners that Saint Louis has established and consolidated over time.


    European Jazz Contest, Italian Jazz on the Road, Italian Jazz C.R.E.A”, Minus One – Italian Jazz on the Road to… Tbilisi, Body Sound DiVision

Mandatory attendance to the minimum extent of the 80% of the lessons. Classes run fortnightly and are concentrated in 2-3 consecutive days.


    Lessons/Lectures every fifteen days held in two consecutive days


    The student will be able to choose which and how many subjects to attend each year, scheduled with fortnightly cadence. The part-time frequency involves an extension of the study path, which will therefore have a duration over two years according to the student's needs.

REQUIREMENTS: 1st Cycle three-year academic diploma already achieved or to be achieved by the February session (registration with reservation)

1. Consult the Admission Requirements and Study Plan section
Check that your self-preparation is in line with the skills required for the individual tests by clicking below on Admission tests and study plan

2. Fill out the application for admission
It is possible to submit an application form for the participation at the admission test to first and second cycle academic courses from the 3rd of February to 30th of April. Subsequent applications will only be considered on the basis of the remaining places available.

3. Sit the admission tests
You will be called for the admission tests which are held on two consecutive days in June and/or September of each year. For students residing outside Rome and foreign students it is possible to request to take the tests online from home, and the tests periods will be anticipated, to be sit between March and June.

In these insights "Due di Due" (Two of Two), which we strongly wanted for the post-graduate students in jazz that are following the study track of the two-year academic specialization courses, the art of the duo becomes a generational confrontation between experienced professionals of international stature and very young talented musicians who have accepted the challenge with extraordinary enthusiasm.

Second cycle Academic Diploma (Master level)


special guestA creative project that involves renowned artists , an amazing team of 350 young artists, musicians, arrangers, singers, sound engineers who grew up professionally within the historic Roman music school and who have the opportunity to express themselves on a prestigious stage alongside the great names in Italian and international music.


The participation fees for the courses vary according to the Isee income, not through rigid income brackets, but in a constant manner according to the actual Isee parameter of each student.

  • The ordinary fee applies for ISEE higher than 150,000, the maximum discount applies for incomes lower than 25,000.

  • You can enter your isee income to verify the effective amount of your annual fee, this fee will go anyway always confirmed by the didactic secretariat.

  • The fees below do not take into account any academic or pre-academic subjects that are in debt/not successfully passed/needed to be repeated.