Personalized custom courses (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Saint Louis offers the possibility to customize your study plan, without necessarily following the entire academic path, taking advantage of the professionalism and completeness of Saint Louis teaching.

Personalized courses are particularly suitable for:

• intermediate and advanced level musicians looking for specialization and stylistic improvement with a specific teacher
• beginners who simply want to start studying an instrument
• children and adolescents, with specific methodologies suitable for all ages
• passionate adult musicians, who have to reconcile music with their professional commitments
• anyone who wants to attend the workshops of ensemble music and participate in the concert activities of Saint Louis
• those who work or live outside Rome, opting for a fortnightly frequency (long-distance)

It is possible to attend personalized courses in instrument, singing, composition, hard disk recording applied music, with individual lessons that follow the innovative methodology born in Saint Louis and the result of forty years of experience in high artistic-musical training, or join part, upon audition, of vocal ensembles, resident bands or one of the many ensemble music workshops.

By enrolling in a personalized course, you can choose:

• the teacher
• the day and time slot of the lesson
• the attendance, weekly or fortnightly
• the duration of the lesson, from 40 minutes (only recommended for children under 9) to 50 minutes (recommended for weekly lessons), from 60 or 90 minutes (recommended for fortnightly lessons)

Pre-registration opens on 2 May for courses that will begin in the following month of September and it is possible to register for a personalized course at any time of the academic year.

Teachers and lesson times are assigned based on the priority of enrollment. In the event of exhaustion of available places with the chosen teacher, another teacher of the same stylistic orientation will be assigned.


Subscribers to personalized instrument and singing courses can participate for free in:

• Two-year course of THEORY AND SOLFEGGIO. This course addresses in two years all the topics corresponding to the annual courses of Preparatory Theory and Solfeggio. At the end of the two years, therefore, it is possible to enroll in the subsequent complementary subjects of Harmony 1 and Ear training 1 at a reduced cost or to take the entrance exam for the Diploma course. The course is structured in two-hour lessons every two weeks, from January to June.
• CUSTOM ensemble: ensemble music workshop specific for personalized courses. It is an ensemble music introductory workshop reserved for beginners or musicians in their first experience of group music. Those who are at a higher level and want to participate in an ordinary laboratory as the only instrumentalist must opt ​​for those specific to the diploma courses available for those enrolled in personalized courses at a reduced cost and after hearing.
• Gospel Choir, Jazz Choir, Pop Choir (on audition)
• Saint Louis Resident Band (on audition)
• Free practice / study rooms - max 2 hours a day for a maximum of 6 hours per week



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