One-to-one bass classes, jazz music ensembles from the trio to the combo-orchestra, Jazz Harmony, Jazz Ear training and complementary piano entirely based on the jazz repertoire, Music Technology for the computer pre-production of the student's original projects


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Intensive foundation course in Jazz Bass, preparing to the admission to first cycle academic courses. The pre-academic course has a duration ranging from 1 to 3 years, depending on the student's entry level and study ability.

Skills are acquired in the following areas:

  • Electric bass

    One-to-one electric bass classes with a teacher of the student's choice to acquire mastery of seventh chords, harmonization and major and minor scale modes, construction of bass lines using 4-voice chords, chromatic and diatonic approaches, dim7 chords, aug7, maj7#5, maj6, min6, sus4, min(maj7), blues form, AABA form, minor blues and improvisation using major, minor and blues pentatonic scales.

  • Jazz Ensemble

    Jazz Ensembles , from trio to quintet, conducted by professional jazz players, to practice the American, Italian and international jazz repertoire both in the classrooms and live on a stage.

  • Jazz Harmony

    Contemporary jazz harmony from the basics to 5-voice spread voicing, with tensions and alterations, drops, altered scales, modal exchanges and melodies harmonization techniques.

  • Jazz Piano

    Study of jazz piano, jazz standards reading with theme and melody, accompanying rhythmic patterns, walking bass.

  • Jazz Ear Training

    Jazz Ear training will lead each student to be able to transcribe melodies, chord progressions and rhythmic patterns taken from jazz standards, up to develop the ability to transcribe a jazz mini-song, without the aid of any instruments.

  • Music Technology

    The student will acquire full mastery in the professional use of music production state-of the-art softwares in the recording industry state-of-the-art in the recording industry.

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The pre-academic course includes the choice between 4 different methods of attendance:


    Weekly attendance, 6 to 10 hours of classes concentrated in 2-4 days every week. It allows astep-by-step guided learning, with constant verifications of one's own progress. It requires an average study commitment of 6 hours per day. Some subjects are available both in presence and entirely online.

  • Long-distance attendance

    6 to 8 hours of classes concentrated on Saturdays, one week in presence and one week online, the long-distance pre-academic course represents the ideal choice for students from all over Italy or who do not reside in Rome or nearby. It is also anexcellent solution for working students. The long-distance mode with Saturday classes is scheduled for the pre-academic course only.

  • Frequenza Teen Music Academy

    Optimized for high school students, with a customized study path that engages 1 or 2 afternoons a week, with the aim of accessing academic courses upon reaching the high school diploma. In cases of particular ability and talent, it is possible to be admitted to the academic courses even before the high school diploma achievement. Some subjects are available both in presence and entirely online.

  • Distance Learning

    Carried out entirely online, for students from all over the world.


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